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About NAI

Nunchaku Association of India  (NAI) was set up as a Society registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 .
NAI has been entrusted with twin objectives of promoting Nunchaku sports and achieving sporting excellence at the National and International level.

Dr Rohit Saxena

Dr. Rohit Saxena

Chairman NAI
Vijay Kapoor

Malik Vijay Kapoor

President NAI
Babul Verma

Shihan Babul Verma

General Secretary NAI


Nunchaku-do is a semi-contact martial art based on the Japanese karate weapon, the nunchaku. The weapon has been around for thousands of years, but its international reputation only grew immensely after Bruce Lee used the nunchaku in his films.

The Nunchaku-do system offers competitions, belt gradings (including black belt and beyond), and training programs. Consequently, the sport experienced significant growth in its initial years, leading to the establishment of the Nunchaku Association of India (NAI). The NAI aims to popularize nunchaku practice across the nation and has developed a structured system accessible to practitioners of all ages, from youngsters to seniors, regardless of their background.

Nunchaku-do has four different disciplines


Arguably the most renowned discipline globally, freestyle isn’t constrained by regulations; instead, it presents practitioners with the chance to showcase their creativity, technique, and flow. While each discipline has the potential to captivate an audience, freestyle stands out as the ultimate display of skill. The Nunchaku Association of India (NAI) boasts some of the country’s top freestylers, poised to instruct and motivate, providing a varied platform for personal development and competitive engagement.


Kata, the Japanese word for “form”, refers to a detailed choreographed pattern of martial arts movements. Katas are completed individual or in a team (synchronized) in front of a judge, who grades the kata based on technique, pace, power and more. A kata performed properly demands both physical as mental control. The Nunchaku-do system has described fourteen (14) katas in detail, offering our practitioners endless possibilities for self-improvement.


A semi-contact fight between two participants, who can earn points by attempting to hit each other. Keep in mind that all practitioners work with the safety nunchaku and wear protective gear (helmet and toque), allowing fighters to give it their all without compromising on safety. The kumite system is physically enduring, as nunchaku-do is one of the fastest sports in the world to spectators and practitioners. Rules dictate that the nunchaku has to keep turning during the match, which guarantees that the most skilled opponent wins.


Where kumite-fighters are bound by rules to guarantee safety and sportsmanship, the jutsu discipline revolves around efficiency and realism, whilst teaching our advanced students to defend themselves in real-life situations. Demonstrating your skills in nunchaku jutsu is required to obtain our highest graduations, but the moves are also used during demonstrations. As with all disciplines; the WNA teachings on nunchaku jutsu are safe for all practitioners.









 Welcoming our dynamic new president, Malik Vijay Kapoor

Welcoming our dynamic new president, Malik Vijay Kapoor

Training Camp on 24 sept 2023

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